Data storage security in cloud computing

  1. Why keep your data using Internet connection?

From the time that Internet was invented, the technology industry has been quickly moving away from local storage to far and server-based storage as well as processing, which is currently known as the cloud. Taking music and movies as lively examples, we used to play them from local media; however, they are streamed from servers. You can benefit the same advantages of anywhere-access as well as sharing and the reduction of local storage demands by keeping your own information and media files within the cloud. There are many cloud storage and file sharing as well as syncing services available for you to determine which you had better utilize.

These services offer seamless approach to all of your necessary data such as Word docs, PDFs, spreadsheets, photos and any other digital assets from any location you are. You will not need to sit in front of you laptop screen anymore to see your work files.

Thanks to the cloud syncing, you are able to access them with your smart phone when you are on the train, from your tablet while sitting on the couch or from the laptop in your hotel room or living room.

  1. What can cloud storage do for you?

The variety of abilities of cloud-based storage services is so wonderful. Some of them emphasize on a specific field. For instance, Dropbox and Sugar Sync concentrate on keeping a synced folder approachable at any location. Also, Spider Oak concentrates on security. Such other cloud storage services as Apple iCloud, Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive are services providing both folder, file syncing and media playing as well as device syncing.

Moving to the next aspect, such online backup services as Carbonite emphasize entirely disaster recovery, whereas some others like iDrive combines that recovering goal with both syncing and sharing abilities. In case you would like to bypass the cloud for your backup, you could opt for going with local backup software, which saves you much up your time that takes you to upload or download your data.

As usual, a lot of cloud services provide their customers with some level of backup, and we can consider this function to be an extra one of the service. It follows logically that all files which are uploaded to a cloud service are also kept securely from disk failures because there are many duplicates of them inside the cloud. However, true online backup plays are able to back up all of your important files, not just those placed in a synced folder structure.

  1. Free versus Paid

Most cloud storage services have a free account which is often associated with some limitations like the amount of storage they offer or a size limit on files that you can upload. It is preferable to utilize such services which offer some level of free service although that free space is only 2 gigabytes, rather than a trial with limited time, as that will allow you to fully integrate a service into your life for some weeks while you know how it operates as well as what might go wrong with your setup.

The problems which may occur are human error and more importantly it is dropped internet connection. One of the top advantage of paying for an account is that it is often followed by additional support from the vendor. As a result, if anything actually goes wrong with you, you then can get someone through the phone who is able to help you deal with the annoying problem.



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